Be Mindful When Riding Muni With Your Bike

Bikes On The Bus
Photo by Pete Boyd

Amy requests your attention, especially if you transport your bicycle on Muni buses:

When I was getting on the bus, the driver told me they’ve had a rash of bikes being stolen off the front of buses. Since I rarely use Muni to transport my bike I sat near the front to watch it. And of course at 7th and Market I see a guy go to the front of the bus and eye the driver who is busy with cash customers. He then tries to yank my bike from the rack. I started screaming and running to the front of the bus and the driver started to honk. Instead of running off the guy kept trying to get the bike off the rack. Luckily for me the arm that goes over the bike wheel got stuck. But the guy still didn’t give up there. After I was all the way up to him he said “I was just playing” and tried to board the bus for free.

I had my U-lock going frame to wheel but from the way he was trying to pick it up, his intentions were to run off with it, not ride it away.

I’ve heard of bikes being stolen from buses before, but dismissed it as a rumor or rarity. Clearly this is not the case.

The few other times I’ve used Muni to transport my bike I’d watch it but not as closely. If the arm on the bus wasn’t broken it would have been gone in seconds.

Be careful out there, Muni-riding cyclists.

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