H.P. Mendoza has a little ditty about Muni

Songwriter and movie-maker H.P. Mendoza is like a lot of native San Franciscans in that he’s never driven a car. Whether by choice or necessity, it’s just a fact, and one that H.P. is rightly proud of.

Unlike most native San Franciscans, though, his dad drove Muni buses during H.P.’s childhood and adolescence. Naturally, H.P.’s relationship with our beloved transit is unique.

Colma: The Musical or Fruitfly really showcase H.P.’s uncanny ability to capture many aspects of our gritty urban existence, in playful melodies and hilarious rhyme.

The above clip is H.P. performing “Public Transit,” a song he wrote for Fruitfly. Here’s a taste of the lyrics:

As far as cities like this go.
There are none like San Francisco.
You can take it all apart by section.
Seven miles in any direction.

I’ll never be stuck in gridlock.
I’m fine with walking on the sidewalk.
If you need to get somewhere faster.
Sing along with the working-class bastards.

Public transit, every destination sits upon a track.
Put your faith in public transit, there’s enough of it to go around and back.

Have a listen, and we dare you not to get this one stuck in your head for the rest of today.

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