Photo Diary: ‘Cat on Muni. No bigs.’

Photo by tjdee

The headline summary by tjdee on Flickr does the job pretty well. This is a cat on Muni. It is being very nonchalant about that, and, therefore, you should, too. I shall name it either Angel or Embark, both words contained within its cart.

We have a well-documented love of animals on Muni, especially when we ride alongside them without Fido in our crotches. But dogs on Muni! Cats on Muni! Munimals! The occasional iguana! You are made of stone (or maybe very allergic, OK, fine) if a pet on Muni doesn’t make you happy. Especially if you had a 20-minute wait like we did this morning.

So, while you’re being nonchalant about the cat on your bus, trolley, or LRV, you should still take pictures and send them to us.

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