When Muni’s buses can’t get you there …

Photo by terrapin_sf

Why not give a scooter a try?

Also, whose is this? It’s even got the “Thank you for riding Muni” sticker on it. How much awesome is this?


  • JimmyD

    Funny this should come up. 8 or 9 years ago, when I lived in the Inner Sunset, and relied on the N to get me home… I got fed up with the 90 minute commute home (from downtown) and bought a scooter.
    Now that I live near Market and Church, and have easy access to all trains, I don’t ride it as much as I use to.

  • moderniste

    Ha!! This is Jon Solo’s epic MUNI Lambretta from early/mid 2000s. Jon was/is one of the best artists to ever paint a scooter–his studio in the Outer Sunset has seen the best of SF’s vintage scooters get a fresh coat. Think he’s in LA or Vegas now.

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