Was something in the air this morning on Muni?

Jet Set Operator
Photo by Todd Lappin

We saw several tweets this morning mentioning friendly, efficient Muni operators. Perhaps the Rapture is today, not Saturday? In any case, we’re seeing staggering evidence of the world going kablooey any second now.

To whit:

Muni driver greeted me with a smile, “good morning sir, everything good today.”. #5578 rt. 30 you are an example.@sgharms

I think I might have boarded Muni airline 30x. Busdriver said that we might expect sunny weather on the other side of the broadway tunnel. – @bmson

This #Muni driver is entirely too cheery for his AM 30x clientele. Not complaining–it beats the usual driver surliness.@sfkatya

After I filled out a scathing survey on MUNI, this lovely T-Line driver waited for me as I ran for the train. Karma?@katinaminer

This makes us wonder: If the operators union were to craft a totally coordinated, skillfully executed PR campaign to be friendly and efficient, would it change your opinion of the system as a whole?

And keep up the good attitudes, Nice Drivers.


  • JC

    There is a new 30X driver who is a complete breath of fresh air. Yesterday, he wished me “good morning,” announced every stop, announced connections and told people to “please hold on.” Lots of smiles as a result among the non-headphoned minority of riders.

  • PM

    There was definitely something in the air today. There was an enormous Muni fail this morning on the 24: I waited 40 minutes between 7:05 and 7:45 AM, and the two buses that usually come in between never showed. When two buses finally swung around the corner at 7:45, I got a friendly wave from the first driver and a “Good morning! Glad to see you!” from the second. Hard to be mad when the drivers are so nice.

  • Maxi Slate

    That operator pictured above works at Muni Metro operating the LRVs. He’s from England.

    Anywho, as I mentioned before, please give accomidations to operators that you think are “giving a breath of fresh air” to your commute to 311 or to the SFMTA website.

    This shows that there are really awesome Muni operators that are out there.

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