Man tries to get a pony on board U.K. train

Sounds like the first line of a joke, but it actually happened.

Amy at Tiny Rides alerts us to the story of a mysterious man who’s been spotted with his white pony in the Wrexham, North Wales, train station. The video above is taken from the security camera at the station. The pair has also been spotted at hospital and pub, to put it Britishly.

We’ve published many posts showing non-human passengers on Muni. But we’ve never seen one you could potentially use as transportation in lieu of the bus.


  • Rob Nagle

    Did he pay the fare for the pony? You know, did he, uh, pony up?

  • Mike

    Turns out that service ponies are a big thing now because they are really useful for disabled people. In fact, after a recent incident with a “service snake”, Portland Trimet recently banned all service animals except for dogs and ponies.

    First person to spot a pony on Muni wins a prize!

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