Update: What Would You Do With a Muni Window?

Out the window
Photo by Joshua Gatts

This morning we told you about an odd little ad on Craigslist that asked for an old Muni window. We got in touch with Tanya, the artist who posted the ad. Tanya says that she recently had a show at Galeria de la Raza where she projected images and video onto old windows in the store front. “I want to continue to work with windows this time for a show in a new gallery in the Inner Sunset…I want to use footage of Muni rides…as a joy ride that suddenly goes off track with some surprising places.”

Interesting idea!

Here’s a photo of Tanya’s project at Galeria de la Raza:

If, for some reason, you have a Muni window chillin’ in your basement or backyard, let us know.

Original post:
It sounded like an odd request to us at first, too. But when we read the Craigslist ad asking for Muni windows for an art installation, which Tanya posted to the Muni Diaries Facebook page, it suddenly made total sense.

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