• Jerold

    Yeah they should be out and about with drivers in training before the debut of the line. A Muni operator saw a few last week in a Muni facility: http://lockerz.com/s/103546502.

  • Charles

    I’ve driven some of these Gillig buses on the California Cable Car line while it’s being rebuilt. They suck. They’re nearly 20 years old, leak profusely when it’s raining, break down if you look at them harshly, rattle about, don’t have the ADA displays and stop announcers, climb hills only if you beat them hard enough, etc…

    I’ll wait for the streetcars, thank you very much!

  • ange.

    wha? what’s the route for this?

  • Martin Atkins

    It’s funny that they’ve had to use this bus as part of the 21 Hayes and Cable Car replacement diesel bus services after decorating it for the NX… this is why buses shouldn’t carry line-specific branding. 🙂

    These look like those old buses inherited from AC Transit, though. Assuming they are, NX passengers aren’t in for a very comfortable ride.

  • Maxi Slate

    You’re right about how these Gilligs are from AC Transit.

    The reason why they’re on the 21 line temporary is that the overhead lines are being repaired. So I’m guessing if a Presidio line has a motor coach substitution, they use coaches from the Woods Division. Before, they would pull out from Kirkland Division.

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