Which is worse: Muni drunk or Muni hungover?

Drunk..... Sweet Child!
Photo by Caffeinatrix Au Lait

Happy walk- (or bus-ride) of-shame morning! Or payday. Same thing.

An excellent question posed earlier today by @SejalDhruva. For me, it’s close, but hungover is slightly worse. Ecstatic drunk spinnies > stone-sober fear of hurling on the person in front of you.

Weigh in in comments …


  • Ed

    Hungover is by far worse. When you’re drunk Muni is like a fun carnival ride and the turns are exaggerated and everyone is better looking and more interesting than they really are and you might fall asleep and wind up somewhere strange and exotic if you fall asleep.

    Hungover it’s like a highly advanced piece of technology sent from the future scientifically engineered to make you vomit. With the people and the smells and the bumps and swerves AND DID I MENTION THE PEOPLE?

    But what do I know… I’m drunk right now.

  • How about this: Being sober and witnessing drunk people on Muni vs. being hungover on Muni.

  • Luke

    Ooohhhhh hungover for sure. Drunk MUNI can be pretty fun, especially the Owl buses that are basically running time trials out to the Sunset and Richmond (so long as you can stay in your seat!).

    But MUNI is exactly the opposite of all things good and holy when you’re recovering in the morning. Stop-and-go jerking, warm humid air and people all over, smell of alcohol and sweat and what-have-you odors. :/ it’s basically what hell must be like.

  • flaming carrot

    @ed, @jeff, @luke: thank you for the great comments. Agree that hungover is far worse to endure.

    Most public transportation (Muni in particular) can be wonderful fun, drunk or sober. To paraphrase an old Bill Cosby routine, “It’s marvelous; not only will they take you where you want to go, and bring you back, but they go out of their way to entertain you. They put a nut in every car.”

    Many years ago, I picked up a late-night Golden Gate Transit bus out of the sadly-gone TransBay Terminal to Marin, and shortly after leaving a passenger in the back of the bus began clucking like a chicken. Most of the passengers thought it was mildly amusing, but it turned out the poor driver had to endure this nut job all the way to Santa Rosa, a 2.5 hour trip at the time.

    A nut in every car, indeed!

  • eugenia

    Another vote for hungover. Been there, done that, swore never to do it again, and then forgot.

  • Has anyone cured their hangover on Muni by … drinking on Muni? I mean, I know someone has, but, speak up if you have!

    • Ed

      I’ve totally “hair-of-the-dogged” on Muni. I’m not sure it helped, but trying not to spill my beer helped divert focus from the turmoil my body was going through.

  • Just was witness to a very polite girl humoring (“uh-huh…yep, the bus sure is slow!”) the rambling drunk across from her. He was very into her, but unfortunately couldn’t quite verbalize much.
    Meanwhile, sometimes Muni makes me feel hungover even if I haven’t been drinking (the motion, the too-strong smells, everything too loud too bright).

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