But what else does F stand for?

Photo by jon|k

Fun stuff in Twitterlandia @munidiaries: the alphabet according to Muni Metro.

@_mola_mola: #muni driver says: L is for late, M is for missing, T is for tardy.

@Bordash: is the N for never? i can’t come up with anything better.

@Owenchristoff: N: Non-existant. J: joke. K: Knocked-out 🙂

@simplelife9: And J and K is for Just Kidding, there really is no Muni in 5 minutes lol…

This all reminds us of that silly kerfuffle over T-shirts that mocked Muni routes.

Care to fill in the rest or add some to the list? F and S (Shuttle) are feeling left out of the party.


  • JC

    F is for filch. Which is what will happen to your wallet if you don’t lock it down on this line. The pickpocketing rate on this turista-heavy line must be highest of all SF.

  • F is for Fun. It’s like taking the scenic route, but if you’re in a hurry it’s really only useful as a backup route.

  • Amy

    F is for “f-ing tourists.” That’s what I think every time I have to take it.

  • SF Susan

    The F is Fantastic. I love all the old cars, but especially the old green SF Muni streetcar that I remember from my childhood visits to San Francisco in the 1950s. Riding one of those cars down Market Street is like getting into a time machine.

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