• Wow, this is perfect! I’ve always wanted to try riding the elusive “Boat Car” but never knew if it was running or where to find it. This solves both problems.

  • Alex

    Unfortunately the boat tram does not have a NextBus transponder on it so this map will not (yet?) show it. To date only the PCCs, the Milan trams, and a couple of the older ones (I think #162, but the specifics are slipping my mind right now) have GPS equipment. It’s partially a technological issue, but mostly an MTA dragging their feet in the mud issue.

    If you want to see more F-line coverage, talk to Embarcadero merchants. They’re the ones with enough political power to stir up some change at the MTA. If they think having (potential) customers know where the more rare vehicles are…

  • Alex

    Sorry that should have read ‘the Embarcadero merchants’. But you get the gist. Talk to the various merchants associations where the F-line runs past. They’re all in very touristy areas. If they can be convinced that the tourists will like it, I’m sure they’ll apply some pressure.

    Likewise the lack of GPS coverage puts holes in the ability for commuters to get accurate predictions. Talk to your district supervisor, etc.

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