Nat Ford out as head of SFMTA

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Photo by Jamison Weiser

Update, Thurs., 7:37 a.m.: SFGate says Ford’s departure will happen June 30. Read more about his tumultuous tenure and “accomplishments” at the Gate.

Original post: To probably everyone’s delight, the SF Examiner reports that Nat Ford is going to quit as head of SFMTA next month, their sources say. The Examiner’s post mentions this week’s news about an arbitrator imposing a contract on Muni operators as key to the decision by Ford to step down.

Read more at the Examiner.


  • Per SFGate: Ford’s negotiated severance package amounts to $384,000.

    Criteria for next SFMTA head: Ride Muni.

  • Susan

    1- has to ride muni (and pay the $2 fee to get their fastpass loaded on clipper)

    2 – has to buy a $100/year parking permit, and pay all their parking tickets

    3 – has to take taxis (if they aren’t on strike) 1 time a week – probably when Muni fails – to realize how difficult it is to get a Taxi.

    Hmmm… maybe they should have to spend a day riding Muni as part of the inteview?!!! Or do the interviews ON muni?!

  • Goodbye Nat Ford. You are the fungus, on a scab salad sprinkled with #Muni toenail clippings & urine dressing

  • Alex

    Great. So the MTA just shot themselves in the foot. Natty Tatty Ford ain’t all that great, but who do they have lined up to replace him? Who do the have to handle the impending wildcat strike? Hmm??

    The proper order to do these things would have been:

    a.) Find replacement
    b.) Fire him.


    a.) Wait until the ethics probe is finished
    b.) Fire him for cause and not pay a dime.

    Same old moronic city governance, that’s for sure. And who really thinks that Rose Pak (nee Ed Lee) will pick someone /more/ competent?

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