Golden Gate Bridge Hella Expensive via Car, Turns Out

Photo by pmmueller on Flickr

SF Appeal, via the Wall Street Journal, says more and more people are ditching their cars for public transit when crossing World’s Coolest Bridge. Rising gas prices and $5-6 in toll fares started, well, taking their toll. Via the Appeal:

The number that continues to rise is the amount of people taking public transit to cross the iconic span. 576,000 passengers have made their way across the bridge by bus this past May, 4.2% more than May 2010.

The 76-Marin Headlands — on which the photo above was taken — will get you to the other side and back (allegedly). You might run into Spock and Kirk, even. As more people ride Muni (and Golden Gate Transit) across the famed landmark, let’s hope Muni makes more of an effort to ensure these buses run on time. Please? We said please.

In the meantime, pad your schedule and try to be in the opposite of a hurry.

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