Muni Metro Underground Royally Screwed (updates)

Update (6:38 p.m.): ABC 7/KGO reports that the K, L, and M lines are back in operation. Crews are working on restoring the J and N, but there is no estimate yet when those lines will be back up.

Update (3:41 p.m.): The Examiner reports that an N-Judah LRV is the cause of the delays/stoppages. The light-rail apparently dislodged wires and pulled down a concrete support.

From the Examiner’s report:

[SFMTA Transit Director John] Haley said there is “no question” the evening commutes will be affected. He hopes to have the K-Ingleside, L-Taraval and M-Ocean View up and running by 3 p.m., but service for the J and N are not expected to resume underground until tomorrow. Haley estimated it will take eight to nine hours to repair the damage.

Original post: So reports the SF Examiner. 511 says shuttles are in place between Embarcadero and Castro. Also, the Examiner reports that the Church Street Station is closed. We’ll do our best to keep you updated.

@DavidCairns says: “Note to muni riders: outbound service only at Church station, inbound track evidently totally fucked”


  • Susan

    Well, part of the issue could be that Muni doesn’t seem to know where it’s routes go! Isn’t the N line the N-Judah? I’ve never quite made it to West Portal on the N!

    On Thursday, June 16th at 3:30pm, SF Muni reports inbound delays on the N-Line from West Portal to Castro Station and from Embarcadero to Van Ness Station. Motor coach shuttles are in place from Castro to Embarcadero.

  • elise

    As of 4:38pm, this is the “announcement” Muni has on their website. THEIR. OWN. WEBSITE.

    I’m assuming they’re referring to more than just the N-line in this “announcement” as the N does not go to West Portal or Castro station, nor would there be any need for N shuttles from Embarcadero to Castro.

    The lack of attention to detail and the lack of information on the matter PERIOD goes to show how little of a shit anyone at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency gives about any of their riders. Rage.

  • Peter M

    Why is it that the overhead near the Duboce portal seems to constantly be getting knocked down? That has to be the worst place that it could happen, too.

  • Debbie

    The shuttle buses are picking up at every F-line stop. Is the F out of commission too?

  • @heyitscarlosjr

    I was on the N train that caused this mess. It sounded like a major bang as if it crashed into something but we didn’t feel a jerk to it… The power went out on the train. The operator said they were looking into it, that it might be a few minutes. I didn’t wait, i went up to take the 6. I can’t believe that

  • Ari Braginsky

    nextmuni isn’t showing any data for the F lines…

  • Guys, we’re not seeing any updates. If you’ve got news on this evening’s commute (if it can be called that), let us know here. And please provide links. Thanks!

  • hen5193

    Thank God For The NX Express Im Happly Going Home Through The Haight. Thank U NX

  • Alex

    John Haley
    Director of Transit

    Paul Rose
    Media Relations Manager
    Phone: 415.701.4582 (or perhaps 601-1637 if Kirsten’s voicemail message is to be believed)

    Kristen Holland
    Public Relations Officer
    Phone: 415.701.4649

    District 4 (covers N and L lines) supervisor Carmen Chu’s office:
    (415) 554-7460 – voice
    (415) 554-7432 – fax

    District 8 (covers some of the metro) supervisor Scott Wiener’s office:
    (415) 554-6968

    District 6 (covers mid-market):
    Supervisor Jane Kim
    (415) 554-7970 – voice

    Someone’s not getting the message that there needs to be communication from the MTA when there are major problems. If you want updates, want to see more information posted on the MTA web site, call and e-mail these people.

  • Lily

    I was on the N Judah when this happened. I was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced during my time on public transit. Before we entered the tunnel a Muni worker looked like he was chasing our train waving his hands. As soon as I lost all cell phone reception sparks started flying everywhere outside of the train, and then the ceiling began to crack spaying debris onto the surrounding seats. We waited 20 minutes to be “rescued” and lead back up to the street. Fuck you for making me an hour late to work Muni!

  • JimmyD

    Some big delay every evening this week… right after the contract was denied… any connection?

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