Muni News: Nat Ford, Muni Meltdown, Nat Ford

  • Mayor to Muni: Hit the 85 percent on-time mark (SFGate)
  • Contract means more money for Muni (SFGate)
  • Nat Ford’s Legacy (SF Weekly)
  • Muni Will Never Make 85 Percent On-Time Goal (SF Weekly)
  • Next Muni Chief to Be Local Hire (Bay Citizen)
  • Cash-strapped Muni defends severance pay for chief (SFGate)
  • Transit Cuts Turn One Bus Ride Into Three (Mission Local)
  • Nat Ford’s Departure Is Timed Well (SF Weekly)
  • Rec and Park director Phil Ginsburg flattered, but not interested in Muni position (SF Examiner)
  • N-Judah mishap unrelated to lack of automatic control system, Muni says (SF Examiner)


  • Jerold

    I want to leave some advice for those stranded yesterday in the Muni Metro fiasco. To avoid being stranded and lost, check to see what Muni surface buses go to your neighborhood. Most likely you’ll find one within walking distance. You want to avoid the shuttle buses because chances are, you’re not going to get into one immediately. There are more then a dozen Muni bus lines that converge into downtown SF that head out to different directions. Avoid the shuttles and your local neighborhood bus. Have to make a connection? Make it! It will be worth it.

  • susan

    Forget “on time”… why not just aim for “realiable”… or “consistant”….. if three drivers in a row on the 1 call in sick, instead of just not running those three busses, spread out the other runs so that they are equally timed between the busses. I don’t understand why they don’t have some sort of air traffic control looking & monitoring & updating the schedules during the day.

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