Did you see this Muni incident this afternoon?

Reader Karl snapped this pic from his apartment today around 2:30 p.m. He says:

“Ellis was completely blocked the entire time. Looks like both cars were totaled…saw someone being carried from the bus on a stretcher. The lady in the black car was sitting in the driver side until paramedics arrived, but she didn’t appear to be too badly hurt…I didn’t see much outside of the aftermath.”

Did you see this incident? It looks like a 49, and Karl says it took more than an hour to clean up the scene. Send us more info if you’ve got it, and let us know here or @munidiaries on Twitter if things are wonky on Van Ness.

It is certainly not a good day for Muni vs. Other Object, so we’re hoping everyone involved is OK.


  • Kristin

    Yikes! I work up the street from there. We couldn’t see it, but we heard a large crash and a bunch of honking. We didn’t notice any significant back up on Van Ness + Eddy though.

  • Sam

    Walked by it earlier when I went to lunch, there was a third car around the corner on Eddy that looked like it had been involved as well (damage to the right front of car and a deployed airbag)

  • meg

    didn’t see that, but the 21 I was on this morning was involved in some kind of collision with a car. everyone had to get off the bus (near Powell, on Market) and just walk.

  • The most shocking event. Thanks for sharing.

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