What happened on the L-Taraval the other day?

L Taraval
Photo by Christina B Castro

Rachael has a bizarre story that we’d love to get more info on.

At about 3:20 the other day, I was on the 29-inbound at Sunset/Taraval when I saw a woman chasing after a man. It took me a second to realize that the woman was in Muni driver browns and that she was the operator of the then-stalled L-Taraval. I figured so many other people had their cellphones out that I didn’t need to bother calling 311.

The driver, who was wearing only one shoe by this time — possibly after having lost the shoe as she was sprinting across the street — was screaming at the man and tried several times to spit on him while also trying to kick/punch. She’d go into a little fighting stance here and there before finally swearing and running off back towards her train. The guy she was after tried to board the 29, but the driver didn’t seem to want to take him on.

Rachael says she doesn’t know what prompted the altercation. We’re sure it was quite the scene. Were you there? Can you shed any light on what caused this riffraff? If you’re a Muni driver, have you heard anything about this?

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