Muni could be worse

My fucking Christ, how bad did this hurt? And seriously, I’ll wait in the fog and get passed by a not-full bus if it means not getting my freaking head stuck in the door.

Read the story at the Daily Mail. Hat tip: Tiny Rides.


  • am

    Lead w/the shoulder! Good lord. Didn’t she take the class?

  • Salmon Dave

    …it looks like the 38 Geary the last few days…

  • This looks like a viable option if the alternative is listening to the passenger next to me yell at/through her phone about her drug hook up and then playing a song on said phone at blast mode and singing out loud to it.

  • Zach

    I’m not sure which one-liner to use, so I offer a collection:

    This doesn’t happen here because Muni runs with the doors wide open.

    She doesn’t have any pink plastic shopping bags; obviously a rookie.

    If a fare inspector happened to be around, she would have been cited for riding without paying after she was freed.

    On Muni, no one would be yelling “stop!” or “help! Everyone would just shout “back door!”

    If this happened on the F Market, the driver would just keep announcing “Step up! Get off the back steps!” instead of rescuing her.

    The woman in question walked off and is seemingly fine. The operator of the bus was given two months paid leave by the SFMTA for emotional distress.

    Thank you. I’ll be here all weekend…

  • Chinita

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE OTHER BYSTANDERS ON THE BUS?? If that were to happen in front of me I would at the VERY least, YELL OUT, try to stop the driver to open the doors! HELP!!!
    What are the chances – OUCH!
    Is it due to the doors censors being defective? I thought there was some kind of thing to prevent this from happening ie)if a foot or an arm (or head) is in the door path; “Safety” auto-open/release…?

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