‘Toucher’ on the N-Judah

N Judah
Photo by Aaron Cole

Prompted by Mel’s post last week about the so-called T-Third Toucher, Kate sends the following warning:

I had the displeasure of a NJudah pervert recently between Cole Valley & Duboce Park. Doesn’t sound like it’s the “T-Third Toucher,” however, as he definitely wasn’t over 6 feet.

He got on at Cole Valley (my stop), immediately tried to squirm behind me into the corner, which was unnecessary as the train wasn’t super packed. I moved away, but he inched closer and closer, finally swinging around and again pressing up against my back, followed by a full-on body thrust. I pushed him off and he turned to presumably repeat his actions on another woman, who quickly moved.

Lucky me, he turned his attention back on me. I told him to F-off, at which point he spit on me. So disgusting. He added a barrage of sexual comments as well. Other passengers hit the emergency call button and once the driver came back he ran off.

I filed a report with both Muni and SFPD. We’ll see if anything happens.

His description: white, mid-late 30’s, appx 5’8″-5’9″; brown hair; average build. Horrid brown teeth. Was wearing neon sunglasses. Also was humming/singing loudly and acting erratic aka druggie.

Ladies (and everyone, really): Be careful out there. And report the creeps who cross the line.


  • Muni rider

    Good for you for reporting him and I’m sorry for what you had to go through just to get around town. What more can we, as riders, do to help when these creeps strike?

    • Kate

      Thanks, Muni rider. I’m hoping others report similar incidents as well…would love to see these slime buckets punished.

  • Kate

    …not sure if anyone’s watching comment updates on this, but thought I’d share either way:

    1. The MUNI director at the Church/Duboce stop that took my statement and allowed me to wait in the little control center there was incredibly sweet and efficient. He walked me through the reporting process, gave me his # as well as a few others if needed. He even followed up with a phone call later that afternoon asking if I was ok and letting me know he personally saw to it that the train’s video surveillance footage was sent to the SFPD.
    2. Speaking of SFPD – they’ve also been surprisingly receptive and kind. In fact, they arrested a suspect matching my description and arranged a photo lineup ID with me that same afternoon. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same creep. However, they’re waiting to see the video footage and will get back to me.
    Was so refreshing and comforting to deal with such genuine and kind MUNI & SFPD employees.

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