Necessary Skills to Drive the 1AX-California

Photo by Tom Prete

Muni rider Susan wants to give her 1AX driver a high five. Here’s why.

My daily commute involves the 1AX. I realized that one of the drivers in the mornings (my stop at 7:45 a.m.!) is awesome! Her number is 1619. She always announces that “this is the last stop till downtown.” Regular riders are always amazed at how many people don’t get this concept, and that usually prevents a mid-express route stop to let the lost soul off.

She also has a great skill at driving the bus; she doesn’t feel the need to speed up, then jam on the brakes, sending all of the standees flying (a skill that would be good to teach most of the other 1AX drivers!).

A few months ago, to try to balance all my negative reports to Muni, I sent in a compliment about her, and printed out a copy to hand to her in case the Muni computer eats the compliments the way they seem to eat the complaints. She was really suprised to read that compliment, and now I always get greeted with a big smile.

THANK YOU #1619! You are a wonderful example of how Muni could be.

Ah, daydreaming now of “what Muni could be.” If you have more examples of exceptional Muni operators, let us know.

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