Weekend Photos: Inside Looking Out

Admiring the scenery
Photo by tajasel

It’s already almost-August. That’s just nuts. But at least the fog will go away, and with it, those false Mark Twain comments.

And if you’re a youngster riding Muni, don’t forget that, starting in August, your Youth Fast Pass will be on a Clipper card. No more paper passes for you. You still get summers off, though, so stop complaining.

Also, around this time every year, the San Francisco Bay Guardian announces the winners of its editors and readers choice Best of the Bay awards. We lobbied you to vote Muni Diaries best local blog, and we thank you for your votes. Alas, we didn’t make the cut. Our friends at SFist did win best local blog 2011, deservingly, and we congratulate them.

Here are some fun things going on this weekend around town:

Check the SFMTA’s weekend transit and traffic advisories, and you’ll no longer be able to say they didn’t tell ya.

Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

Photo by millsbaker

Photo by eva.lu

Friday FiDi Afternoon
Photo by rotron

Photo by mattbraga

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