BART protest could snarl evening commute in SF (updates)

BART police barricade Embarcadero substation
Photo by Black Hour

Update (1:38 p.m. Thursday): SFist reports that a protest will take place at Civic Center Station today at 4:30.

Update (7:35 a.m. Thursday): BART was pretty cryptic in their message last night. We found this on SFGate: Possible protests related to July BART Police shooting.

Original post: I just don’t know what this could be (too many possibilities, really), but from the website:

Please be advised that protesters may attempt to disrupt train service during August commute periods beginning as early as Thursday, August 11, 2011 in downtown San Francisco BART stations.

Read the rest of the advisory on the BART website. And plan ahead?


  • Er, what are they protesting?

  • am

    nice product placement for the Coffeemate. “enhance your morning commute process w/some french vanilla coffee creamer…”

  • Jose Smith

    A crazy, armed, drunk homeless guy that attacked 2 police officers with 2 knives at a BART station..

    Ok and what exactly are they protesting? Watching the video (what little we could see) I would say it took the officer way way to long to shoot.. They actually let him throw the knife at them? That officer should have been trained better to have subdued the situation before he got the shot (knife) off..

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