Fast Best Friends on Muni

Photo by Jessie Johnson

Mike’s story was originally published on his website, Here’s an excerpt:

Girl #1 looked at Girl #2. She smiled. The other girl looked away. Then back. Then away. Then back.

Girl #1 said, “Hi.”

Girl #2 looked at her for a moment. Then, “Hi.”

Girl #1 said a few more things. I didn’t catch them, but it looked like quite an animated message. Her little hands flailed about excitedly.

Girl #2 smiled. Her arms stayed at her sides while she answered. She gripped her mother as the bus rocked and lurched.

Then came Girl #2′s stop. Her mother got up and took her arm. The little girl frowned. “I don’t want to go,” she told her mother.

“But this is our stop.”

“I don’t want to go,” Girl #2 repeated as she dutifully stood up.

The two girls exchanged sad glances. The mothers smiled. “How cute,” said Mother #1. “In just thirty minutes, they’ve become the best of friends.”

Read the whole story on Mike’s website.

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