Around the World: Transit Props

Images: Tara Ramroop. Vive le Metro!

We’ve seen scores of cool transit-related things from other countries, be it cool stuff or just cool behavior. The platform punching bags in Shanghai. The freakin’ slide at Overvecht Station in Holland. Those dreamlike Croatian funiculars and, per SF visitor Melita, the ability to buy tickets via cell phone. Transit in Taipei, on which people will stand before even thinking about sitting in the reserved seats. My personal favorite is this Victorian Art Nouveau Metro entrance in Montmartre, Paris:

Most recently, we found this from our spotless, polite neighbors to the north: transit-rider etiquette in Vancouver. We have to wonder: does this work up there? Because it’s suspiciously akin to our own unspoken rules, broken day in and day out.

What are your international transit favorites? Wouldn’t it be nice to make it on the transit radar for something undeniably cool, like, oh, free puppies at all odd-numbered line stops?

Update (2:34 p.m.): A reader noted on le Facebook Wall that SF cable cars perhaps count toward our international fame, because those are obviously on plenty of people’s transit radars. Indeedily they are, and we love the Victorian relics of old San Francisco. For this post, I suppose we’re looking for something more today, such as, OH, puppies at every stop or ticket-purchasing via cell phone. (I’m selling it too hard now, right? Now we will never get puppies.)


  • I love the etiquette rules from Vancouver are awesome, I love that they explain their suggestions in a logical way. We really need those reminders for MUNI.

    As far as my favorite international favorites, I really like London’s Underground. It’s clean and easy to use. The Metro in Paris is a close second, if only for their beautiful subway entrances. There is one in that has a beautiful metal and glass orb structure at the entrance.

  • A Vuncular

    That Paris Metro entrance is not Victorian style. It’s Art Nouveau, and a recognized classic thereof.

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