Muni accident in Castro leaves pedestrian dead

Update (Sunday, 10:35 a.m.): The pedestrian hit and killed by a Muni shuttle bus on Friday has been identified. SF Appeal has the story.

Update (4:41 p.m.): Dispelling Twitter rumors that the bus in question had been hijacked, @KristinHanes of KGO tweets: “A Muni bus that hit and killed a woman was not stolen, according to SFPD. It was an F line shuttle. Cc @kgoradio”

Update (3:06 p.m.): @LaronZampf of NBC News has some photos of the scene. The bus in question appears to be a shuttle, not a 33-Stanyan as some have reported.

Update (3:02 p.m.): Per @KCBSNews: “UPDATE on Muni accident: KCBS’ Tim Ryan reports that female pedestrian struck by bus has been killed, 18th and Hartford in the Castro.”

Original post: We’re seeing tweets about a pedestrian-involved Muni accidents in the Castro at 18th and Hartford streets. We’ll do our best to update this post as details emerge.

@KCBSTraffic: “18th St. at Hartford. A Muni Bus has been involved in a crash with a pedestrian and other vehicles. Expect major delays.”


  • James

    I have wonder why bus shuttles were running: either due to a subway problem or for the F line, I’d think. Not a usual turn for the 33, of course. I note no disruptions are reported per

  • Steve

    My roommate said the bus was stolen, and that the person driving the bus fled the scene. Apparently helicopters are over the neighborhood right now.

    • Steve, can you tell us how your roommate came across this info? We haven’t seen anything from a news source to confirm. But, if true, wow!

      • Marina

        Hi Jeff- I was walking Gemma and came upon the scene. Talking to witnesses, they all said the bus had been stolen a few blocks earlier, made a quick left turn onto Hartford, and ran over the girl. I noticed a young man in the back of one of the cop cars and he was hiding his face. Some people told me he was the driver (or at least involved in the crash somehow).

        • Marina

          but now I just read some reports that SFPD/MUNI is saying it wasn’t stolen…. Who can you trust these days! sorry for the incorrect info!

  • A.B.

    She was crossing while texting it seemed from a half block away. The bus made a wrong turn which was weird, but it seemed she died on or slightly after impact.

  • Daishin

    A bus could barely drive down Hartford Street. It’s extremely narrow. Obviously this driver didn’t know where he was going when he hit this poor girl.

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