Muni News: Fixing Muni, ridership and fares up, BART-BART-BART

Van Ness in the Dark
Photo by Benjamin Soto

  • A Plan to Improve Muni (Dennis Herrera for Mayor)
  • Caltrain could share tracks with high-speed rail (SFGate)
  • Ridership up, but so are fares nationwide (Rescue Muni)
  • Teen Robbed On Muni, Second Teen Robbed While Trying To Call Police (SF Appeal)
  • BART director says first phase of Livermore BART extension should proceed ASAP (SJ Mercury News)
  • Emily Dunn Identified as Pedestrian Killed by Muni Shuttle in Castro (SF Weekly)
  • Muni driver in fatal crash may have violated protocol (SFGate)
  • Phil Ting’s Reset SF hosts Muni panel discussion tonight (Reset SF)
  • 40 Arrested In BART Protest Monday Night, Another Demonstration Planned For Next Week (SF Appeal)
  • Fed-up commuters battle BART protesters (SF Examiner)
  • Muni transit director John Haley to give TEP update Wednesday (SF Examiner)

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  • Susan

    Regarding Mr. Herrera’s plan for Muni…. I would love to ask him for his Clipper record showing how often he has taken Muni to get to work/home/shopping/out for social engagements. In fact, I would love to see ALL the mayoral candidates share their experience actually RIDING muni before they come up with the same, recycled, theories on how to improve it. Also, show the full thought process on HOW they would ensure “full funding”, as we know each Mayor has not been able to follow up on that promise. Greg at N Judah Chronicles had a great voter guide for the last round of elections, I would love to see something similar for this election.

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