What to do on Muni in an earthquake

Our friends @theCara and @supertamsf alerted us to the Quake Quiz SF site, where you’re presented with a choice of scenarios (including at the Transamerica Pyramid and La Taqueria …) and asked what you’d do there when an earthquake hits. The ladies also pointed out the rat on the tracks in the Muni scenario, which, WHAT? This ain’t New York City!

So, in light of Tuesday’s East Coast earthquake, we thought we’d go over the earthquake-preparation basics in case you’re aboard a Muni vehicle when the big one (or even a littler, but nonetheless violent one) strikes.

Somehow, when faced with the multiple choice questions, we resisted choosing, “Keep listening to your music until the train reaches its destination.”

I mean, really. And this is post-quake:

Visit the Quake Quiz SF site, take the quiz, laugh at the rat, and be prepared!


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