Does the Muni worm need a redesign?

On the Twitter frontlines the other day, I came across the image above. It was created by designer Robert Padbury, a self-proclaimed “pixel provocateur.” It’s slick, for sure. But does it in any way match Muni itself? It reminds us more of packaging for exotic candies than a beleaguered urban public transit agency logo.

We’ve already seen people tweak the Muni worm, as noted in our post about Jeremiah’s handiwork.

What do you think? Does the Muni worm even need to be redesigned? Should it be scrapped altogether in favor of something more … now?


  • Jim

    #1 is excellent. Great job

  • Rick

    The first one is OK, and contemporary.

    But won’t survive over time.

    How about a public-sourced logo competition?

  • Michael H

    I like the old logo fine. They don’t want to run the risk of getting too frisky like The Warriors did when they went all Thunderbolt City on us. If change is needed, they could always roll out “secondary” logos like many pro sports teams do these days.

    Of these new ones, the tweaked worm is kind of awesome, if not exactly practical. The top one looks a bit too much like the logo for a tech start up.

  • The old logo represents railroad tracks, something neither of these new logos do. They don’t seem to mean anything. A good logo has to graphically represent something.

  • Vic

    The 2nd one is just the ‘cutout’ filter on photoshop. Not a redesign.

  • Paul J. Lucas

    Muni has more important things to worry about and fix that spending money holding a new logo competition not to mention rebranding all the vehicles with the new logo.

    • Just to be clear: Muni isn’t holding any competition or even suggesting that it’s going to change its logo. Pretty sure that image at the top of the post is just an independent exercise done by a graphic designer.

      • Paul J. Lucas

        I never wrote that Muni is holding any competition or even suggesting changing its logo. My comment was solely in response to Rick’s suggestion for a competition. (Perhaps I should have responded directly to his comment rather than post separately. Mea culpa.)

        The original post was crystal clear (to me, anyway) that the logo up top was done by an independent graphic designer.

  • Lvr

    Nice sleek design on the first one. also could be incorporated into a city bike rack.

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