Entire Muni Routes, Vehicles Visible on NextBus Site

A few months ago, we told you about the redesigned NextBus Live map, which showed little F-Market streetcar icons mulling about the city in real-time.

Well, we’re not sure whether this is a new feature for the site, or maybe we just missed it. But now on the NextBus site, you can select any Muni route (by clicking “Select Routes …”) and see entire bus routes, complete with stops and current vehicles in operation. They move in real time, too.

This is an enhancement of a feature NextBus has offered for quite some time now. It looks and works way better now. We find it helpful to see the entire route a Muni line takes, for example.

We tested the site on our Android phones (we don’t have iPhones, what?), and found that it hasn’t been customized for mobile phones yet. It works on mobile, but not fully, and not elegantly. We were able to select a different route by checking a box, but then that route didn’t load on the map, for example.

Still, any enhancement of NextBus is welcome by us. Now if only they could solve the “3 minutes … 1 minute … 17 minutes …” conundrum.


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