• Wasn’t running the J to Stonestown (or was it SF State?) part of the TEP proposal?

    • Paul J. Lucas

      Yes, it was (is); but it’s a bit premature for that. They can’t just start doing that since it requires the construction of a new layover track at SF State so the operator can take a break and leave the LRV to use the restroom.

  • Steve

    Proposal’s been revised. Latest version is that the J would continue to terminate at Balboa Park, and every other M at Parkmerced.

  • eugenia! it was such a pleasure to have met you at modcloth’s tea party. 🙂

    i wouldn’t have pictured you to have a blog about muni since you work with polyvore! hehe. & oh! thanks for showing us a few tips on there!

    but you have a pretty amazing blog, i’m sure it will come in handy for me in the future. i rarely take muni. i’ve only been on it no more than 10 times and i’ve been living in the city for almost 2 years now. haha

    anyway, hope all is well! hope to hear from you soon!


  • Dexter Wong

    Don’t forget that the J and M meet at Balboa Park, so a J could keep on going until it reached Stonestown but as Paul Lucas mentioned, there is no place for the operator to layover.

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