Thieves pull woman off T-Third by her purse

T-Third: Mariposa Station (northbound)
Photo by throgers

SF Weekly reports that a woman was approached on the T-Third last night by two men. One of them grabbed for the woman’s purse when the T stopped. She resisted, and eventually ended up holding onto her purse so strongly that they dragged off the Muni vehicle. Once on the ground, the thieves got the purse and fled.

Seriously everyone, be careful out there.

Read the entire story on SF Weekly’s website.


  • Trixie

    Not unlike the robbery of an iPad by two guys in black hoodies from a guy sitting near the door on a Metro train when it arrived at Church Street Station, as witnessed by my housemate (and all of the other passengers)a couple of weekends ago. Sad, but it happens all the time. If you have to sit by the door, hold on to your stuff securely, be aware of your surroundings, and stare down potential miscreants. Pay attention.

    My sympathy and best wishes go to the poor woman who was the victim here.

  • D

    So *where* were the transit police? Where were the fare inspectors? Where the cameras on the train even working?

    (Same Old Shit Different Day)

  • Unemployeddragon

    indeed, I’ve never seen any police presence on the T, though I’ve heard that the TFI’s don’t ride beyond 20th street and leave fare inspection to the SFPD. The T is a mess and MUNI needs to get serious about maintaining safety on it as well as improving it’s timeliness.

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