People Reading Books in Public Places, Like on Muni

I might catch you reading...

tweetsweet is a regular contributor to our Muni Photos Flickr pool. The other day, we noticed a new site she started called People Reading Books in Public Places. It’s a nice little site that marries cool photos with literary nerdism. How could we resist, especially once we saw how many of her photos where of people reading on Muni?

The blog’s author tells us that she’s taking submissions. “You can email me at I need a photo (trying not to include faces unless the subject has asked and approved being put on a blog). You should include where the photo was taken. I’ll include your name and link to your blog or website, if you have one. Oh, and the photos do not need to be instagramed.”

Reminds us of Between the Lines, a site we featured here on Muni Diaries back in May 2010.

Check out People Reading Books in Public Places for yourself. Nice work, tweetsweet!

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