Muni Operator Dares Car Driver

L-Taraval MUNI
Photo by Jeff Rosen

Christopher D. Lewis sent in a tale of drive-or-dare.

I’m a regular rider of the L-Terrible. Of late I’ve become increasingly irritated by auto drivers who decide that when a Muni train stops to let passengers off and on, that they can accelerate past the train and get ahead of it, despite the fact that, of course that we all know the passengers have right of way on the street when boarding/disembarking the train. It’s gotten so bad that nowadays I refuse to get off the train by the door in the very back of the train.

A few nights ago I was on the L with one of my favourite train operators (I recognise his voice: once at Taraval and 22nd where the L stops outside the KFC/Taco Bell he reminded us that this was “The KFC stop, and it’s finger licking good”!). This operator decided to reprimand one rogue driver for whizzing past the train and almost knocking over an elderly passenger as she got off the train.

He opened all the doors then screamed over the loudspeaker system: “You jackass! You trying to kill my passengers? Why don’t you come on here and try that with me!” The car driver sped off but it put a smile on my face and on my fellow Muni passengers. I like a Muni operator who will stand up for his passengers and hopefully avoid us getting killed by some ignorant driver trying to get home in a hurry.

We like a Muni driver who looks out for us too! Got your own colorful Muni tale? We’re all about it.

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