The Muni Worm vs. Other Transit System Logos

Photo by Todd Lappin

Over on the PS Print blog, Rosie muses about growing up in the 415, loving the Muni worm logo, and eventually learning that it actually spelled something. She then goes on to compare our dear emblem against logos for transit systems the world over:

Thanks to, which compiled transit and subway system logos from around the world, I can finally compare Muni to other logos and pick out some of my favorite domestic and international transit logos.

We reported in back in August on an attempt to update the Muni worm, and the opinions flurried. Odd, that.

What do you think of the Muni worm compared with other transit-system logos? Read PS Print’s post and let us know.

PS: Tara and I just returned from Hanoi, where the transit system (Hanoibus) proudly wears its rather generic logo:

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