Weekend Photos: Still Indian Summer

37 yrs old yet you slap two trolleys next to each other and I'm instantly 5
Photo by mikedthorn

I just got back into the country after being in southeast Asia for two weeks. Totally have that “two left shoes” feeling. But beer and Game 7 of the World Series and Muni Diaries help ease the blow of being back. I missed you guys!

Eugenia was kind enough (tee hee) to give me the wheel on Weekend Photos. And so …

Halloween happens on on Monday this year, which means we get to celebrate all weekend, all the way into the Day of the Dead!

Three fun things to do:

Zombie Dance and Costume Party, at Metronome Dance Collective. You know you’ve always wanted to dance like Michael Jackson, and now you can. Learn Thriller steps with Ricardo and Christina, followed by a Latin ballroom and salsa party. Tonight at 8 p.m., 1830 17th Street at DeHaro. Take the 10, 19, or 22.

Waldo Pub Crawl (via FunCheapSF). Waldos will be everywhere this Saturday, thanks to this flashmob. Get your red and white stripes ready! Check Waldo Pub Crawl Facebook page for details.

All Hallow’s Eve. Goth and industrial music. Pile on the black eyeliner and black nail polish because this is going to be a good one . Sunday at 9 p.m. DNA Lounge, 375 11th St. Take the 9, 12, 27, or 47.

Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

#228's destination today
Photo by returnoftheyeti

Photo by carwashguy_99

Photo by KyleJSullivan

Photo by Bob at All City


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