Halloween 2011: Mario Sans Luigi

Photo by davitydave, via@JimmyWhitesoxs

Was this the longest Halloween ever, or what? Not that we’re complaining. Bay Areans were afforded the opportunity don a different costume each day since Friday, if they really wanted to.

Here are some costumes we found on public transit today.

Photo by @jayfry3

Photo by @PlatinumTalon

Others were simply talking about what they saw this morning:

“Living in San Francisco means forgetting it’s Halloween, even when someone on your Muni train is dressed as Chewbacca.” via @VerbalCupcake

“creepy grown man wearing Boy Scout uniform on muni = scariest costume I have seen all weekend BY FAR” via @draut

Snow White just got on #muni. Should I offer her my seat? She is a princess after all.” via @DAVID_GALEA

If you see more interesting characters, especially if you’re not quite sure whether it’s a costume, send your photos our way. Show and tell!

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