If and When You Like-Like a Muni Driver

Image: Flickr user jchinn84.

We’ve spotlighted our share of hug-worthy drivers here on Muni Diaries. Tammy, one of our favorites, threw a party for her passengers once. One F-Market/Wharves operator went beyond the call of duty, while another Muni driver handed out Lemon Heads one day! But what if you, you know…like them-like them?

@marisalevinson on Twitter poses a perfectly valid and hypothetical query:

 What do you do if you have a crush on a muni driver…Hypothetical situation…

Rider “Mike” left a missed connection for Muni driver Jackie. But how would you (or did you) go about it? Send us your solutions and shouts out to your uniformed objects of affection.


  • Why are MUNI drivers so mad, I mean they make good money, have a union, have secured jobs…whats their to be mad about?

  • Sigh.

    Sure they make good money, but they gotta put up with all that crap. The crazy people, the taggers, the super tight schedules, etc. And the union sucks. There’s no leadership and it feels as if it’s nonexistent too. How would you feel driving a crappy defective bus that was supposed to be fixed a year ago all day, and then getting to the terminal and being late 10 minutes, and then finally getting a break after 4+ hours? And then you have the pesky drivecam cameras taking pictures of you whenever you do the obvious illegal things such as running a red light or rolling through a stop sign, but they even take pictures of the small things like jerking the brakes. As well as the fact that nowadays one tiny little non-injury accident can turn into a gigantic incident due to the good ole pain the ass division superintendents who have nothing better to do than give an operator heavy punishment for tiny incidents. Is that enough for you? Or are you still stuck in the fantasy world where being a MUNI bus driver can actually be a great job.

  • Tomate Farcie via Facebook

    Their job basically sucks. They take constant abuse from the public, from the drivers, from the pedestrians ….

  • Boo hoo…they make tons of money, can not get fired…I would love to work as a drivedr.

    • Sigh.

      Ha My ass they can’t get fired. My friend’s a MUNI driver and he’s heard of tons of guys who’ve been fired. just cuz you don’t hear it in the news doesn’t mean it never happens. There’s dozens of suspensions every month, and yet you don’t even know about them cuz you never learn about that stuff from the news. Ask a guy like eze415 on twitter. Then you’ll realize how stupid you look.

  • Funny, this post is about someone having a crush on a Muni driver. Or so I thought.

  • Lick my chops @ the cute handsome drivers!!! LOL! 😀

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