Pay or Get off the Bus!

Photo by Allan Chen

Tales of Muni heroism, they occur. Witness this story from Muni rider Ellen …

Speaking of Muni…on the 47, heading back from Aquatic Park on Sunday:

Two teens get on the back entrance and don’t pay.
Driver: “You two gotta come up here and pay.”
Teens: “Who, us?”
Driver: “Yes, you, get up here!” (driver grabs purse and stands up to face the bus passengers)
Teens: (walk up to front) “We don’t have no money.” (teens sit down in front seats)

Driver: “Folks, this is why Muni is so broke and keeps cutting service, because these people think they can ride for free!”
Nearby Passenger (to teens): “Either pay, or get the fuck off of the bus!”
Teen Girl: “Did you just tell me to get the fuck off of the bus?”
Passenger (50-ish New Yorker type): “I did.”
Teen Girl: “You can’t talk to me like that. You can’t tell me what to do.”
Driver (puts on brake): “This bus is out of service, everyone!” (everyone groans and mutters)
(Teens get off of the bus, finally!)

After which, the bus started, and everyone heartily thanked the driver and the passenger. Muni is mighty!

Mighty indeed. Got a Muni story? You know the drill.

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