• Erick Reijerse

    Now if only we could somehow teach those pesky Fare Gates NOT to close on and trap my bike as I am trying to rush to catch a train…

  • Alai

    I’ve seen lots of people get confused by the ‘accessible’ gates, which this doesn’t help.

  • BBnet3000

    As Alai said, people mostly get confused by the accessibly gates feeding the card back instead of through.

    One station that is extremely odd for wheelchairs is North Berkeley, where the elevator is on its own, across the parking lot from the station entrance…

  • AL

    What is so hard about using public transit, anyway? Seems like people can’t figure it out to save their lives. Also, in the day and age of the Clipper card, it really makes me wonder why a single person still bothers to buy paper tickets. It slows everyone else down.

  • Summer

    Although the comic is cute and simple, I cannot believe that people really have that much trouble using BART or MUNI access points. They are a no-brainer. Has no one ever visited New York City’s subway? It feels like you’re in a cage and if you get it wrong, you’ll be locked in there forever. And what about London’s Underground? If you don’t have the correct amount on your card, the Underground police swarm around you like you’re a terrorist. Comparatively, BART and MUNI are a walk in the park. It’s sad that people simply cannot think for themselves and follow simple directions.

  • Kevin

    Typo on what is numbered Page 7 in the comic, on the middle left (“First I put money in”). It should most likely be “Insert Credit/ATM Card”, not “Insert Credit?ATM Card”.

  • DK

    This is incredible. It actually makes riding BART seem MORE complicated. It’s like listing all of the steps required to get up in the morning.
    1) First become conscious.
    2) Open your eyes.
    3) Then ascertain your location using the clues around you.
    4) Attempt to identify the sound you hear. Protip: It is not your telephone ringing, it is in fact your alarm.
    5) Attempt to locate the source of the sound.
    6) Turn off source of sound.
    7) Now lift the bedcovers from your body.
    8) Swing feet out toward floor.
    9) Using your arms, raise your torso into a vertical sitting position.
    10) Stand up.

  • Henry Larry

    The simplicity of BARTs instructions is truly commendable. It is refreshing to see a transportation system that prioritizes clarity for its passengers. Looking forward to a smooth ride thanks to these helpful tips.
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