SFMTA nixes $0.25 transfer proposal

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Put those quarters back in your pocket, Muni riders. The SFMTA has scrapped a proposal to begin charging $0.25 for transfers. ABC 7 has the deets:

The agency’s commissioners said on Monday that all revenue options must be explored to help close a projected $34 million deficit. But they took the 25-cent transfer fee off the table, saying that would go against the way Muni is setup.

After our initial post about paid transfers and an overall rate-hike, one commenter pointed out something obvious that no one had touched on up to that point: “aren’t people required to have a transfer as proof of payment, even if they aren’t getting on another bus. In that case, everyOne will have to pay the fee.” Good point. And a moot one now.


Read the rest of the ABC 7 story.

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