Austin Powers Drives the 1BX

Many of us have had to Austin Powers out of a parking space or some other traffic pickle. But on the Muni Diaries Facebook wall yesterday, Stephanie described watching a bus driver thusly maneuver a 1BX-California ‘B’ Express:

The bus driver just didn’t leave enough space to turn the corner, as you need to use both lanes on that turn. So we ended up on the curb, and when she tried to get off the curb, kept reversing and going forward trying to get away from the light post…we got so close the bus couldn’t move because we were wedged up against it…one more inch would take out the walking/no walking sign.

This apparently happened during the morning commute hour. Were you there? Do you have an even better FACEPALM commute story? Once you’ve told your boss that Muni ate your homework, tell us your stories. Head to the Muni Diaries Facebook Page, use our submission form, or email us at

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  • Matt

    Yes, many times making the tight right turn on Pine on to busy 2 lane only Fillmore (4 if you count parking on both sides of the street) on an elongated bus.

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