Van Ness clusterfuck for a few more years (at least)

Image of one proposal for Van Ness BRT courtesy of SFCTA via The Bay Citizen

Bus rapid transit (BRT) is a proposal that, among other things, creates dedicated lanes and prioritized signals for public transit vehicles. The result, ideally, is that Muni fast-tracks through clusterfucked corridors more efficiently than it does now. (See also: 49-Van Ness, 38-Geary, and OMFG ARRRGH).

However, the approval and implementation of BRT plans and proposals has been the opposite of efficient.

Streetsblog discusses the holdup of the proposal for BRT along Van Ness Avenue, one of several asphalt parking lots in San Francisco that Muni has the privilege of navigating.

Van Ness BRT is in many ways the first of its kind in the United States, and its scope has grown to include a complete overhaul of the street. The project’s environmental impact report/statement, released last month in compliance with state and federal requirements, also included a burdensome level of analysis.

Read the rest of the story at Streetsblog SF.


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