Muni’s Got Your Ticket to the Gun Show

Octoferret dropped this one in our Muni Photos Flickr pool. Someone tell the NRA, because this Muni’s next stop is the goddamn rifle range.

Octoferret says:

On the 76 line in the Marin Headlands.

My second favorite is ‘General Manager’ on the northbound 19-Polk.

“General Manager” is a great WTF-inducer. I have two others tied for first, though: the running ticker of gibberish and Sassy Muni Bus. Please Ho, indeed.

To answer your burning question, though, there is apparently a place called Rifle Range in the Marin Headlands. The National Park Service says you can find those purty Mission Blue butterflies there. Nowadays, it appears to function more as a venue/public space than a shooting range. Please give us a break for giggling, though, as we don’t see “rifle range” on many things around here.

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