Looking into BART’s crystal ball

Photo by Christopher Carfi

Sometimes I think of BART and Muni as siblings. It’s a complicated relationship. One is clearly spoiled, enjoying the easy life while the other gets beat up and mocked on an hourly basis. One gets arcade money while the other gets pantsed. BART lives in the hills, while Muni reconstructs cardboard shanties each night and begs for spare change.

Anyway, SFGate has an article up with the headline, “BART planners begin work on new vision for future.” Yeah, there are people whose job it is to plan for Muni’s future. But the details of what’s in store for BART make Muni seem like a bicycle with wooden wheels.

“Planners are working on a new vision for the future – one that could include express trains, all-night service, new stations along existing lines, trains traveling different routes and extensions to Livermore, Ocean Beach, Brentwood and Crockett.”

BART to Ocean Beach? Helloooooo!!!!! That would beat the hell out of the long slog of an N-Judah ride, amirite?

Read the rest of the story on SFGate. What do you think of the proposals? What would you do if you could plan for BART’s future?


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