Alleged Muni phone thieves caught on video

Via Mission Local, the SFPD has video of alleged phone thieves on Muni. The police are asking for help identifying a group of individuals who have allegedly being committing these crimes aboard the J-Church.

From Mission Local:

The light-rail surveillance camera capture photos of the alleged thieves as they took off with a phone. The video, released by the Mission Police Station, shows a man running out of the bus, presumably after taking someone’s phone.

Anyone with information is asked to Contact SGT Gilmore at (415) 558-5400. For more information, go to the Mission Police Stations website.

Read the full story at Mission Local.


  • jen

    Oh my goodness! I saw them (plus another not pictured) on the J a couple of days ago. I remember thinking that they acted so very strangely and was thinking to my myself that the looked like they were ready to do “something”, not quite sure what, but something (just a gut instinct you know?).When they got off at the Van Ness station, they immediately broke up and followed three separate people.

  • Matt

    They look familiar, especially the female in pink, I’ve seen them boarding the 22 at Duboce and another time getting of the 24 at Geary.

  • Devin

    In unrelated news, Muni security cameras can see down your shirt.

  • Tiny Tim

    If you do catch them in the act, twist the offending arm/hand until they are severely injured. Apply Islamic justice. (then call the police). They will remember this for the rest of their lives.
    Several years ago, my back was injured trying to hold onto my bag as I was being dragged down the short steps of a Market St. streetcar.
    To have retaliated with a comparable injury would have been sweet revenge–sorry to say. I still stew about this. If these punks suffer an injury that will haunt them for a long time. perhaps they will think twice. Let’s hope that they get surprised by a meek- looking karate expert who lands a hard (but not fatal) blow to their head.

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