Weekend Photos: Bask in the Light

1074 — toronto
Photo by blarfiejandro

The fun things that are happening this weekend aren’t nearly as elegant as these photos, but they’re worth doing anyway. Especially if you hate wearing pants.

Why? Because No Pants BART Ride is this Sunday! The annual celebration that takes over BART sexy-style is finally here. (via FunCheapSF.) Sunday, Jan. 8, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Follow @nopantssf for details.

Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

Photo by Brandon Doran

muni under the blanket of morning light
Photo by torbakhopper

Photo by Jessica Druck

Thoughtless act
Photo by blese

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  • Maxi Slate

    The 1st photo of the Not In Sevice maroon and cream colored streetcar where it’s located on Taraval and 28th Av. Is an instructor for the Green Division. Every now and then, instructors will operate those streetcars on the K,L,M, etc.

    However, they can’t be operated on the T line. If it were, the streetcars need to make a left to 25th st and loop around at Muni Metro East (MME) yard.

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