SFPD Wants You to Be Safe on Muni

stupid, naive, or a cop?
Photo by Anna Conti

Matthew Friedman of SFPD’s Mission Station writes us to say:


If at all possible we have a page on our site devoted to Muni safety. If there is any chance you could provide a link I would be most grateful.

No problem. Tips include:

  • Passengers are reminded to be aware of their surroundings while traveling on Muni.
  • Suspects prey on victims using these devices knowing they are distracted while texting or listening to music on PDAs, using laptops, and talking on cellular phones.
  • Passengers should be careful to limit the use of these devices and always be aware of other passengers on the vehicle.

Great reminders here, folks. People are stealing phones on Muni all over town lately. Be careful out there.

PS: You can follow the Mission station on Twitter

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