Car No. 1 being tested on the L-Taraval line


Happy Friday the 13th! Muni rider Geoff sends us this report:

Check out these flickr photos of an F line car i’ve never seen, being tested on the L line.

That so happens to be Muni’s Car No. 1, which the good folks at Market Street Railway haveBrookville Equipment Company of Pennsylvania has been restoring since 2009. Rick L. at MSR says that Muni is testing the car, and that they hope to have it in service sometime this year for Muni’s centennial celebration. Car No. 1 “was just out stretching its legs,” Rick said. He added, “I don’t know when it will go into service. Muni wants to introduce it to the public as part of its centennial year (which started last December 28).”

And in related news, another new-to-Muni PCCs hit the streets recently. Car No. 1080 is workin’ the F-Market lines as of Wednesday. Car No. 1071 started spinning its wheels in late December. @metsfaninCA tweeted us this photo of both streetcars in action yesterday evening:

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