Again with the Muni Theft: Purse-Snatching on the 38

Image: Steve Rhodes

Yesterday, we posted about attempted smartphone theft on the 38L. Today, we’ve got another report of sticky fingers on the 38. We’re ratcheting up our steely stares and vise-like grips as we speak.

So I’m on the 38 outbound on a Wednesday morning…we’re riding down the street and the bus comes to a stop to load a passenger on when we hear this loud SCREAM…It’s a lady yelling “Hey!!! No!!!!” She is fighting with a guy that snatched her purse! He takes off running and she gets off the bus and goes after him. Our bus driver drives off as if nothing happened. It was 8:05 a.m. mind you…I knew he was bad news when I laid eyes on him. During the ride he kept staring at people up and down. No one deserves to get their purse snatched on their way to work but come on, ladies! Don’t sit so far back and keep your belongings next to your body! She sat right in front of the LAST doors when there were seats everywhere even next to the 2nd doors. People please be aware of your surroundings and hold your belongings close to yourself…and avoid sitting around the 3rd doors.

Some sage advice, wherever you’re sitting: hold on to your stuff and scan your surroundings, especially if you’re near a door.

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