SUV Drives in Muni Metro Tunnel; Trains Delayed (updates)

Update (2:20 p.m.): ABC 7 has a photo of the SUV crashed in the tunnel, above.

Update (11:38 a.m.): SFPD Arrests (Possibly Drunk) Driver Who Screwed Up This Morning’s Commute. SF Appeal has the details.

Update (9:14 a.m.): Underground service has been restored, according to

Update (7:45 a.m.): Here is SFMTA’s list of alternate transit in light of this disruption.

Update (7:35 a.m.): Sal Castaneda says, “#SFMuni says J, K ,L, M, N all suspended. Vehicle drove into a Muni tunnel. Delays. Shuttle buses btwn West Portal & Emb.”

Original post: SFGate has the story. We’ll update once we hear from SFMTA.


  • I guess MUNI wasn’t fast enough for the driver, so he/she had to buck the system.

  • As Gary Radnich might say, “Who DOES THAT?!”

  • Ugh. I saw the pileup of Muni trains and the several dozen people all waiting at Church and Duboce this morning.
    A lousy commute for a lot of people today. Sucks.

  • Service restored then?

    Announcement: On Thursday, January 19th, at 8:35am, SF Muni Metro service has been restored in the subway. Riders can expect residual delays as service returns to normal.

  • Cap. Obvious

    There’s a (very, very) bright “do not enter” sign at the entrance. But the sign is to the right of the entrance; it should be above the tunnel!

    The problem with MUNI (as should be obvious to even a casual observer of this organization (and I use term “organization” loosely)) is that they make half-assed decisions. Did anyone think of how the sign should be? Where should it be placed? What’s the most effective way to prevent people from coming into the tunnel?

    Nope. Someone, somewhere, said “we need a sign”, and someone just put an eyesore up.

    • There is most certainly a lack of project management and oversight at Muni, but I don’t see what good it would do to place the sign above the tunnel. By the time you’ve driven to the tunnel you’re already quite far into the rail yard.

      And you can’t put it above the entrance because the wires are so high up a driver might not even see it.

      Besides, there’s several signs there. At some point you have to stop blaming Muni and start blaming the driver.

      • Cap. Obvious

        I walk by the sign twice a day. That thing is blindingly bright. But the placement is wrong.

        To the left of the sign is the path leading to the tunnel; to the right is another path (bike path, behind the Safeway). To some confused person, the sign may look like it belongs with the path on the right.

        Having a sign on top of the tunnel makes it clear that you’re not supposed to go in there.
        At least you have the opportunity to put your SUV in reverse and back out.

    • Mark

      I think it’s pretty obvious it’s a train tunnel. Signs are nice, but c’mon – have some common sense..

      • Seriously, I see that sign from, like, Church and Market. I also see: tracks, wires, A TUNNEL. But I guess the guy was DUI, so, there’s that.

  • k

    godam car drivers. time for all the out of towners to pay admission and do a dui screen. amd i’m an out of towner!

    who’s thumbing up comments in support of this marin county drunkard? his bar/bed buddies?

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